Welcome to Rita’s Home Page
January 16, 2011

I have lived in Washington state now for 2½ years and find it to be truly my home. I have become involved with the condo community, actively becoming a member of the board of directors. I do their web page and hope to eventually make a difference in bringing people together and making them feel more at home. I also have become involved with the Friends of the Public Library, doing their twice-yearly Newsletter and also working at their book sales. All of this keeps me sufficiently busy, sometimes busier than I like.

I am still a dedicated science fiction reader. However, I have also gotten back to reading mysteries and am trying to start a mystery book club (I figure that a science fiction book club is a non-starter!). I have been reading the books of J.A. Jance and Nevada Barr, both really interesting. As for science fiction, I have found very little interesting that I have not read. However, I recently found Allen Steele’s Coyote universe books of interest, but I have almost finished what he has written.